We at Tutor Arabiya believe that the cornerstone of our success lies in our teachers and those that impart knowledge.

This is why we take extra care in handpicking the tutors that are going to teach you both Arabic and the Quran.
We do not hire tutors based on word-of-mouth but the run background and ID checks so there’s no doubt in our minds about the authenticity of these teachers. 

We understand that because you trust tutors with what you learn, you want someone who can rely on and someone who understands your needs.

The following are a few steps undertaken by Tutor Arabiya when selecting new teachers for all our courses.

  • Check educational and qualifications checks to ensure their skills are up to the mark
  • Run background and character checks to make sure they can provide a safe environment
  • Prospective teachers are taken through two stages of interviews to filter out the best
  • Tutors are expected to give demo classes while they’re watched by the dean of Tutor Arabiya
  • We ensure through various tests the teacher is updated with current information
  • We only hire tutors once everything is verified and good to go

Weekly & Monthly Training

Once the teacher joins our team and is a part of the circle, we provide them with weekly and monthly training, briefing and keep them updated with several meetings. This doesn’t just give each of the tutors the chance to connect and discuss any potential problems they may be facing, but also helps them learn new teaching methods that they can implement.

It is our stern belief that happy, well-educated students are the result of happy and joyous teachers. This is why we make sure that our teachers are contented and satisfied with their teaching experience. When tutors don’t take their job as a chore, they tend to engage with their students more often, and this helps them in becoming a team that is closely connected.

Our teachers strive to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for their students, and Tutor Arabiya facilitates this by hiring those that are educated, component, and skilled.

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