Tutor Arabiya comprises of nine functional departments that work together to keep the company’s engine running smoothly. While each department has its own responsibilities and objectives which are overseen by a manager, each team member is expected to work together. The manager supervises the teams and coordinate tasks according to the skill and expertise of each member. This helps things run in a much smoother and efficient manner so that we cannot only provide you with quality education but also make sure that everything is completed in a timely and responsible manner.

The 9 departments that help run Tutor Arabiya and its system are:

Human Resources

This department takes care of the background checks and interviews conducted to hire a potential teacher and manages other human resource duties.

Contact Human Rescourses at: hr@tutorarabiya.com


The accounting team is expected to keep track of all the financial details of the company and to ensure that everything is a document and recorded.

Contact Accounting at: accounts@tutorarabiya.com


The brains behind our marketing department work tirelessly to take our brand to the next level. They are responsible for the marketing and advertising of our products and are probably the reason why you’re on our website!

Contact Marketing at: marketing@tutorarabiya.com


The administration of Tutor Arabiya consists of Mrs. Hassina Ali along with other managers who ensure that the company runs smoothly and without any glitches.

Contact Admin at: admin@tutorarabiya.com

Technical Support

Our technical support team is responsible for identifying and fixing any and all technical difficulties faced by teachers or students during their online sessions.

Contact Technical Support at: technical@tutorarabiya.com

Customer Service

Tutor Arabiya’s customer service is one of the main reasons why this company has been able to reach new heights of success. This department takes care of all your queries and ensures your satisfaction every time!

Contact Customer Service at: support@tutorarabiya.com


The operations department of Tutor Arabiya ensures that the system keeps running efficiently and effectively. They manage the A, B, Cs of operations, so nothing is left to doubt.

Contact Operations at: operations@tutorarabiya.com


Tutor Arabiya’s sales team work together with the people behind marketing and make sure that they promote the company and all it has to offer. They’re responsible for the sales and are often found implementing techniques that convert visitors into real customers.

Contact Sales at: sales@tutorarabiya.com


The legal team over at Tutor Arabiya heads all the legal matters concerning the company. It is well-versed in the UK law and is always ready to implement rules and regulations accordingly.

Contact Legal at: legal@tutorarabiya.com

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