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Quran Courses

Due to popular demand, we have an extensive list of courses for Arabic and the Holy Quran

Quran Courses

Qaida Learning

If you think you haven’t been reading the Quran correctly because you weren’t aware of the basic rules, you need to enroll yourself in the Qaida learning course. This Quran program will take you back to the basics, so there are no errors in the way you pronounce or read the words of the Arabic language. It is ideal for both kids and adults who want to improve their Quran recitation and want to brush up on their reading skills.

Quran Reading (with Tajweed)

Tajweed holds crucial importance in the Quran. The wrong pronunciation of particular words can change the entire meaning of what is being said, and this is why you need to pay specific attention to it. During this course, we will teach you all about the sounds of individual letters, so you’re fully aware of what you’re reading and pronouncing.

Quran Ijazah

This is a specialized course for everyone who wants to go a step further once they have perfected their Tajweed and memorized the Quran. Quran Ijazah has a strong background with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and is suitable for anyone who wants to be awarded a certified Sanad. However, remember that you will need to qualify for this course with Tajweed and memorization before you can be enrolled.

Quran Memorization

Hifz has a unique role to play in every Muslims life. While we all have particular surahs which we have memorized to read during our prayers, Hifz shows your devotion to Allah and the book he has sent down. Our Quran memorization or Hifz classes are customs made according to your preferences. Whether you want to memorize a Juzz or the entire book, we’re here to help you.

Tajweed Mastery

Tajweed is all important when it comes to reading and contemplating the Quran correctly. If you mispronounce one word in a sentence, it changes the entire structure and context of the message that’s being transferred. If you’re already aware of the basics of Tajweed but want perfect your sounds, even more, this course is right for you.

Tajweed Matoons

The Tajweed Matoons course is divided into two sub-categories. While the Tuhfaul Atfaal caters to children or those who are at the beginning of Quran learning, the Jazariyyah course is for intermediate or advanced learners. Both the courses are theory based where the student will learn recitation rules and be able to comprehend and understand them at a deeper level so they can point out any errors while reading them. For the Tuhfatul Atfaal course, the student must know the basics of joining Arabic letters and read the Quran at a basic level. For the advanced, Jazariyyah course, the student must have the foundation knowledge of Tajweed and a few of the basics of recitation rules.

10 Qi’rats

This course offers the chance for students to learn the ten traditionally known school of Qi’rat. Here, Qi’rat means to read or recite the Quran and each of the ten Qi’rats are derived from world-famous readers of the Holy Quran.

Quranic Sciences

If you’re interested in learning the Quran in-depth and are intrigued about individual courses like Tafseer,Tadabbur, Maqamat,Uloom Ul Quran etiquette’s, these are precisely the courses for you. This is for anyone who takes their profession as an Islamic learner seriously and doesn’t just want to stick to the basics. You will learn all about Quran rules and regulations, so you have a deeper understanding of the Book of Allah.

Quran for Kids

It is essential that our young ones learn how to read the book of Allah with proper pronunciation. This is why we have a course that’s primarily centered towards children where our teachers will help them read and learn the word of Allah in a safe, healthy environment. No matter which level your child is at, we will inspect his skills and work with him according to his comfort and convenience.

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