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Arabic Courses

Due to popular demand, we have an extensive list of courses for Arabic and the Holy Quran

Arabic Courses

Classical Arabic Fusha

Over the years, Fusha has been divided into two types. One which is called classical Arabic and the other which is Modern Standard Arabic or MSA. If you decide to enroll in our traditional Arabic course, you will get the opportunity to learn to read and write in classical Arabic. This will make you better at reading old scriptures and papers which were written in classical Arabic.

Quranic Arabic

If you’ve always wanted to read and learn the Quran better, this course will help you in doing it without hassle. We’ll teach you Arabic through the Quran, so you can get better at reading and understand it. So, if you’ve always been looking for such a course, this is your chance to enroll.

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

MSA is the type of Arabic which is modernized and made simpler for reading and writing. If you have always wanted to learn to speak and write in modern Arabic, this is where you can make all of it possible. With our in-depth course, you’ll be speaking MSA fluently soon enough.

Arabic Grammar

The Arabic language is complex and diverse linguistics which has evolved over the years. If you’re looking for someone who can provide you with the rules and regulations of Arabic Grammar, this course is for you. We’ll take you in and start teaching you according to the level you’re currently at.

Business Arabic

If you’re dealing with Arab speakers in a professional setting or are in contact with people in the Middle East, this is the course for you. This course has a specialized curriculum which is appropriate for business professionals. The course will teach you how to communicate in Arabic in a range of situations, understand the language when it is spoken to you, and take you one step further than just replying to ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome.’

Conversion Arabic

The only way you can tell whether a person really knows a language is if they know how to converse in it too. If you don’t just want to learn the basics of the Arabic language but want to know how to speak it, the Arabic conversation course is what you should go for. This course, which is designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners will be taught by qualified teachers who will help you learn how to speak the language.

GCSE A-level (UK)

GCSE A level Arabic is more than just challenging. Whether you are giving it as a second or first language, you need to make sure that you learn the rules of writing, so you get the highest grades possible. We have a panel of specialized teachers who have had plenty of experience in teaching students of GCSE, and this is precisely why they would be perfect to teach you too.

Arabic Sciences

If you’re looking for professional and experienced tutors to teach you Arabic sciences, this is the platform where you can make it happen. We tailor our courses to fit the learner’s needs, and this is precisely why we also deal with in-depth advance study courses. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn just to have fun or if it’s a career-oriented move because we have what it takes to take you a step further.

Arabic for Kids

Always wanted your kids to learn Arabic so they can understand the Quran better as adults? This is your chance to help your children learn the language in a friendly environment, so they grow and thrive in their linguistics. The tutor we assign to your child will be someone who has taught young kids before and has the experience to deal with young minds. We will help your children cover all the basics so they can get started.

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