We believe that there’s no growth where there’s no knowledge. 

Empowerment, in a nutshell, is the confidence in yourself and your abilities so you can go out and claim what’s rightfully yours.

Educate Ourselves & Everyone Around Us

In a world that’s riddled with the wrong perception of Muslims and Islam, it is important that the Ummah put its best foot forward and show who we really are. However, this won’t be possible unless we educate ourselves and those around us, so we gain more knowledge about our Deen and what it means to be a practicing Muslim.

You cannot stand your ground in front of someone who is badmouthing your religion unless you have your facts straight. If you don’t know a lot about your own beliefs and cultures, how would you expect anyone else to understand it?

Tutor Arabiya’s ‘Empowerment Through Knowledge’ motto is simple – we hope to educate you so you can feel more empowered to protect yourself and your religion.

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