Tutor Arabiya is an Islamic initiative that’s set to revolutionize how you study the  Arabic language and Quran. Bint Muhammed, the founder of the organization, is a UK based enthusiast who has had 7 years of networking experience. She has also spent 10 years  studying scholar  education and is experienced enough to start her own venture. She  has met and talked to several well-known scholars in London, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Throughout her time, she has learned quite a lot about teaching and hopes to apply her theories with her company.

Bint Muhammed’s journey started when she wanted her children to learn the Arabic language and Quran but couldn’t teach them on her own because she wasn’t an Arab herself. Though this made things challenging for her, it also gave her more eagerness about finding a way to help her kids memorize the Quran and understand it too. Things weren’t made easier by the fact that Bint Muhammed and her family lived in the UK, where Quran or Arabic language classes are difficult to find. However, with passion from Bint Muhammed, and sheer hard work and talent from her children, they were able to gain mastery in both Quran and Arabic. A combination of being taught by a home teacher, going to the mosque and online tutoring, her children can now not only read the Book of Allah with perfect Tajweed but can also understand what’s being said in the divine scripture. Because they learned through different techniques, Bint Muhammed is well aware of the pros and cons of each method and plans on implementing them in Tutor Arabiya.
On her journey to teach her kids, Bint Muhammed also traveled to Egypt, which is a hub for Islamic studies. Some very well-known scholars have passed through universities like Al-Azhar, and this is where the founder had the good fortune of making acquaintances with professors.
Because she understands the effort it takes for a non-Arab to learn a language that they’re not familiar with, she has realized the requirements that are needed by western students to learn. This is why she has worked relentlessly for two years to put together a team that’s experienced, and a curriculum that caters to all levels and understands each student’s individual learning capabilities.

Combined with the 10 years of experience she has had in scholar education, she is thoroughly capable of managing a number of teachers who will be teaching and guiding students of all ages. Her experiences and education have helped her construct the ultimate learning programme where traditional knowledge meets western standards.

One of the features that sets Tutor Arabiya apart from others is that it can be
beneficial for everyone, whether man, woman, or child, and is suitable for anyone at the beginning or advanced level. With Tutor Arabiya, you can expect to achieve mastery in both Arabic and Quran.
Because we have some very high standards to keep, we will make sure that you’re fully satisfied with your tutor and teaching methods, so you don’t feel unnecessary pressure.

Ready to Fastrack Your Learning?

Our Aim

Tutor Arabiya’s aim is straightforward. Our only hope for the future is to enlighten the Muslim ummah in such a way that they understand their background and understand the word of Allah deeply. We don’t just want you to read the Quran with precision and concentration, but also wish for you to excel in understanding its meaning.
We hope to provide young and old students, from diversified backgrounds with the
knowledge that can turn their life around. Our one goal with the variety of courses
and programs that we offer is that you have a well-rounded explanation and
understand of the Arabic language and the Quran.
Though we have courses set in place, we proceed with your teaching according to
your level and convenience. The esteemed tutors at Tutor Arabiya will first decide the level of expertise you already possess and then move ahead accordingly.

Our Vision

In the long run, Tutor Arabiya’s vision for the future is to teach as many students as possible so they can achieve empowerment through knowledge. We want to help more and more people come closer  to the Arabic Language and the Quran, so they can realize just how beautiful it is.
In the next 10-years, we want to see ourselves and our students build a brand that’s more than just an online tutoring system. We want things to progress so much that each student can connect on a spiritual level with their tutor. So, they aren’t just the ones who are learning, but also those who are imparting their own knowledge to others around them. We hope to build a community where there’s no restriction and boundary to learning. We don’t discriminate with age, gender, or level and this is why we see a future where each one of the students and tutors can sit together and learn something  new every day from each other.

Our Promise

Tutor Arabiya promises both its students and its teachers the chance to grow and learn more from each other. It vows to provide its students with a safe learning environment whether they are opting to study online or call a teacher to their London home. It pledges to teach students of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders without restriction so everyone can get the opportunity to learn the Arabic language and the Quran. Tutor Arabiya doesn’t discriminate depending on skin color or any other factor, and this is why we teach all our students with the upmost respect and keep them in high regard. In the upcoming years, Tutor Arabiya promises to produce a class of learned and educated students who are well aware of their actions and are indispensable to the Muslim community.

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